Secular Arizona AA Meetings

Secular AA Groups in the Western US

Personal stories of East Valley Residents

We Agnostics (Tempe) Group History

By Beth H.

Originally published: (No Booze News, July, 2016, P.12)
My name is Beth H. and I’m an alcoholic. I’m one of the founding members of this secular AA group. Not the main one or the most important one, but I’m only speaking for myself as to why this meeting was started.

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Ann's Story

by Ann M.

Already in kindergarten I felt different from others. I often felt ashamed and that I couldn’t do things right. I mostly felt disliked throughout school, sometimes because I was the teacher’s pet, sometimes because I would treat other kids badly to compensate for how I felt. I was also a crybaby.

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Changes to the Big Book

An Interview with Jerry F.

Jerry is another founding member of the We Agnostics Group. He talked with John S. of AA Beyond Belief about changes to the first 164 pages of the Big Book that "never happened" (but he found them), and the change to the fourth edition which his efforts brought about.

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